Texxas Take Over World Headquarters:

CEO/Founder: Chris French Sr

Pacific Place Building

1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 16500

Dallas, Texas 75201

Registry Page:https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/coa

Parking:  You can park at any meter that is close to TTO Headquarters. We recommend looking for metered parking, notated with green lines on the map below. It’s the most cost-effective and is free on weekdays after 6:00 PM.  If you are parking at a meter, be sure to check the times on the meter to ensure you can park there and for how long. The meter price averages about $3.00 for every 2 hours. There are several parking lots nearby too that cost $5-$10 day. The parking garage at 2000 Elm Street price is $5.00 anytime on the weekend and $5.00 after 5PM CST on the weekdays. Texxas Take Over does not have anything to do with the price settings at the meters or at the parking garage. Their prices have been known to change with or without notice.

 Texxas Take Over is not responsible for any vehicle that is ticketed or towed.

Phone: 214-940-2886  Emailchrisfrenchsr@texxastakeover.info

Sunday- Closed (By Appointment Only)

Monday-Thursday: 9AM-5PM CST   Friday: 12 Noon- 6PM

(Calls AFTER 8 P.M. will require an appointment to be set at least 4-8 hours in advance)

You can still inbox, text, etc after 8 P.M……If I am available I will respond.